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Joy is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, not a special gift given to a select few; it is simply a by-product of living in God. However, when people think of a Catholic saint, the first image that comes to mind is a sad, pale, thin figure, often tortured and in pain, or looking as if he was wearing a hair shirt. To live a moral life and maintain moral balance CCC 1811 is to desire to grow in virtue by the grace of the sacraments and to cooperate with the Holy Spirit. It is a choice to exercise interior freedom, fidelity, and the joy of true liberty of living as a son or daughter of God. 2. Why do we say virtue is a habit? It is a firm attitude. It is a way of life. It governs our actions. It guides our conduct by thinking and by faith. 3. How does virtue help us? Virtue brings joy. It helps us govern ourselves. It brings comfort and peace. 4. How do I learn virtue? I pray for the virtue. I learn about virtue. I practice virtue. The Roman Catholic teaching document, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, describes the seven virtues in detail. Human beings achieve prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance through intellect and free will. The fruits of the cardinal virtues include self-mastery and a joy.

Chastity is, indeed, the virtue of wholeness, the virtue that prevents us from the disgrace of being reduced to a mere appetite. The gratification of appetite may bring about pleasure, but it cannot bring about joy, which is the experience of the whole person. The chaste person does not sacrifice joy for. 02/03/2011 · EWTN Global Catholic Television Network: Mother Angelica Live Classics - Mother Angelica - Family Night originally aired February 07, 1995 - The Joy of Virtue.

A Catholic faith community is rooted in a set of common beliefs about God’s will for all people. A virtue is a habit or established capacity to perform good actions according to a moral standard. When we practice these virtues we strengthen them and thereby make the presence of God more and more visible in the world around us. Patience is mainly concerned with bearing the evils caused by another. The three grades of patience are: to bear difficulties without interior complaint, to use hardships to make progress in virtue, and even to desire the cross and afflictions out of love for God and accept them with spiritual joy. Etym. By following Christ in a life of virtue, you and your students will come to experience the joy of the children of God. Teaching Activities Manual for the Catholic Youth Bible by Christine Schmertz Navarro, page 135- Wisdom and Virtue – the wisdom of Solomon praises virtue and invites the students to examine the cardinal and theological virtues. Thomas Aquinas discusses the virtue of Religion in "Summa Theologica", II-II, Q. lxxxi. Since order is an aspect of good, and Religion orders man's relationship to God, Aquinas finds it a distinct virtue whose purpose is to render God the worship due to Him as the source of all being.

Personal virtue is the key to improving the world, finding happiness, and helping other people to be good and happy too; yet the ultimate end of virtue is even greater than these great goals: “‘the goal of a virtuous life is to become like God’63” CCC 1803. No secular answer to the question of the goal of virtue can rival this one. 4.

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